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Sweet Woodland Themed Baby Shower

Just a few weeks ago my one of my sister's dearest friends Emily, my mom and myself threw my sister Seldon the sweetest baby shower. When finding inspiration for this theme, I of course turned to Pinterest and kept seeing lots of orange and grey and just really wasn't thrilled with what I saw. Don't get me wrong, I saw a ton of super cute ideas but I really wanted it to be feminine and softer since Seldon is having a baby girl. My feelings on Pinterest have been summed up on a previous post found here, but quickly again- Pinterest is so great for drawing inspiration but one of the things we strive for at Like the Dazzling is really making each event unique and truly personal. I think we hit the nail on the head with our feminine woodland shower personally but maybe my opinion is biased so you be the judge... 

sweet woodland owl centerpiece

sweet woodland owl centerpiece

Mom and I had the best time making these cute floral arrangements with gorgeous Anemone, Roses, ranunculus, Hypericum berries and Silver Dollar Eucalyptus. We added moss right from the backyard into the bottoms to give them each more of a natural, woodland feel. 

These little animals were just the metaphorical icing on top of each arrangement. So stinking' cute with their little heads popping out of each one! 

lettered wood rounds

lettered wood rounds

We used small handmade wood rounds for the Baby Girl on the mantle and also with each guests name for place cards. You'll see below one in the carousel below with Aunty Sug' written on it.... Thats me! :) 

The cake was inspired by something I found on Pinterest and the County Club did a beautiful job and took the design we chose for inspiration very literally so we can't take credit there. I did however find the original designer and they have the cutest cakes! Check out Petite Homemade

We chose a brunch instead of lunch because who doesn't like to brunch? I sure do! I actually have a Pinterest board called 'Ladies who brunch'.... you can check it out if you like here. We did a sweet and savory menu of french toast with pecans and raspberries, tomato broccoli and cheese quiche and a fresh fruit salad. 

Well, what do you think? Did we or did we not bring new life to the woodland theme? 

Venue: Country Club of Asheville

Design, Styling and Florals: Like the Dazzling 

Catering and Cake: Country club of Asheville

Sidenote: I need to start using that expensive camera I have instead of snapping photos on the trusty iPhone.