Wedding Accessories

a wedding day packing list

The things that go through your mind in those weeks leading up to your wedding date are endless! If you’re like me, you even experienced wedding related nightmares. Mine was that I went to put on my dress before walking down the aisle and I had somehow forgotten to get it altered. It was a sample dress and about 6 sizes too large when I bought it so it wouldn’t stay up on its own, was way too long and just not what I imagined my walk down the aisle would look like. Thankfully my dress was already in for alterations so I’m not sure why that particular dream ahem nightmare came to me but it did. I felt prepared yet they still came.

While I can’t help you remember ALL the details, unless of course you hire us for your Wedding Planning needs or take ALL the stress away, again unless you hire us for your wedding planning needs, what I can do is provide you with this helpful guide so you don’t forget anything on your wedding morning.


For Brides

  • Getting Ready Attire (pajamas, leggings, robe, slippers, blouse, etc.)

  • Wedding Dress (It’s best if this is freshly steamed and packed inside your garment bag to be hung)

  • Veil or headpiece if you’re wearing one

  • Jewelry (earrings, necklace, bracelet, rings, etc.

  • Wedding Bands (it’s best that one person have both rings the morning of the wedding for detail shots when the photographer arrives) Tip: have them cleaned before hand as well!

  • Engagement Ring

  • Undergarments

  • Perfume

  • Cosmetic Bag (deodorant, hair ties, bobby pins, toothbrush and toothpaste, touch up kit for makeup)

  • Purse/Clutch

  • Shoes

  • Garter

  • Mini Emergency Kit (tide to go, medicine, sewing kit, hairspray, safety pins, mints, etc.)

  • Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

For Grooms

  • Pants

  • Shirt

  • Vest

  • Jacket

  • Tie/Bowtie

  • Belt

  • Suspenders

  • Dress Socks

  • Shoes

  • Underwear

  • Tie Clip

  • Cuff Links

  • Accessories (watch, pocket square, etc.)

For Ceremony

  • Marriage License

  • Programs

  • Copy of Vows

  • Any Unity or Ritual Ceremony Items (wine box, unity candle, rope, sand ceremony, love notes, etc.)

  • Any DIY items

Detail Shots

these items are best to pack together and have nearby and ready for photographers arrival

  • Bridal Accessories & Attire

  • Invitation Suite

  • Freshly addressed envelope with stamps (not mailed)

  • All Rings

  • It’s great to ask your florist for extra blooms or greenery for styling these items as well

Reception Details

  • Cake Topper

  • Toasting Flutes

  • Escort Cards or Table Display

  • Table Numbers

  • Menu Cards

  • Guestbook (and any essentials for it, pens, markers, etc)

  • Card Box

  • Any Signage (welcome, gifts, cards, etc.)

  • Any Photos to be displayed

  • Memory Table details if applicable

  • Personalized Items (chair back signs, chooses, cocktail napkins, etc)

  • Any DIY Items

  • Favors


  • Future Wife/Husband Gift and/or Love Letter

  • Gifts for Bridal Party (don’t forget flower girls, ushers, ring bearer)

  • Gifts for Parents

Vendor Tips

  • There are many resources for tipping etiquette. We send all of our clients a tipping guideline the week of their wedding for ease.

  • These are best done in clearly marked, sealed envelopes

Wedding Exit Items

  • Any necessary items (sparklers, lighters, sand, bubbles, flower petals, etc.) and be sure to check with your venue for policies and specifics!

Overnight Bag

If you’re leaving for your honeymoon right away, you may need to think to pack in advance for an easy getaway (including travel documents, reservations, passport, etc.) but even still … here are a few items you may not want to forget the night of your wedding

  • Extra change of clothes for following morning (I ended up wearing my husbands shoes the next morning and had a girlfriend wear her husbands pants down to breakfast the morning after their wedding) This is so easy to forget but unless you want to put your wedding dress back on the next day for brunch, pack an extra change of clothes!

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, face wash (basically your day to day toiletries bag)

  • Phone Charger

Choosing your Bridal Accessories

wedding accessories

Because we believe that the smallest of details can make a difference in every wedding, we're sharing with you some advice and inspiration on the many options of bridal accessories. We know that it can be overwhelming but trust us, you won't want to skip them all together! For the purpose of this post, we'll be talking about your veil, hair accessories and of course, shoes! 

Why do you need them? 

Perhaps you're not one to wear accessories on a daily basis or think they're an unnecessary addition.... Bridal accessories can do anything from allow you to stand by tradition to add in a spark of interest or extra flare to the theme of the wedding day. Take the veil for instance. Traditionally a veil is worn to portray a bride's purity. While we may be seeing less brides sticking to the traditional values of wedding symbolism, many are opting for accessories that add an aesthetic value and thats perfectly fine! At the end of the day it of course comes down to you and what makes you feel most comfortable and special.

Let's start with the Veil...

Jonathan Hare Photography

Jonathan Hare Photography

As stated briefly above, not all brides opt to wear a veil. While it's certainly a personal choice, we thought we'd take this time to let you know that there are tons of different veil options. We found the following graphic via






When choosing your veil, take some time to think about...

How long will you be wearing it? If you plan to wear your veil into the reception, think about how active you'd like to be and whether your veil will prevent you from doing so?

Your Hair. If you'll be taking your veil off and not changing hair do's from ceremony to reception, consider a veil that attaches to a headpiece so as to not ruin your do. Bonus: you also have a pretty hairpiece still in place post veil! 

Your Dress- You'll want to pick a veil that compliments your dress, not overpowers it. For that gorgeous cut out or low back, consider a sheer veil to not take away from those elements. 

Your Venue- As many things in wedding design, the venue often sets the tone for the theme and feel of the wedding. Take into account the type of venue you're marrying at and all the factors that could lead to your veil choice!  






Hair Accessories

Flower crowns, combs, headbands, fascinators , hair pins and clips! There are so many gorgeous options that can add that touch of interest to your look. Just as your veil, consider the venue you're marrying at, your dress style and how you'll wear your hair. For an outdoor garden wedding, a flower crown with an up do or loose curls would add a touch of whimsy to your look. Perhaps you're marrying at a castle...consider a tiara to complete your affair fit for a princess. The right comb or headband can also add that wow factor to any wedding. See some inspiration below:



You can't see them under your dress so why wear pretty shoes right? WRONG! Let's just take a look at the following pictures and see why shoes can make a huge impact on your wedding photos. Besides, you can always bring a comfy pair to change into or ditch the shoes altogether for dancing! 


Sarah Bush Designs

Sarah Bush Designs

Hopefully you can see that if nothing else, accessories make from some really wonderful photos!

 And while we said we weren't going to cover jewelry in this post to further drive our point that ACCESSORIES MATTER... we leave you with the following photos.