Jen & Brandon, Roswell River Landing

So I am about a year behind on this, almost exactly. Jen and Brandon celebrated their 1 year wedding anniversary yesterday. I have tons of weddings to blog and catch up on so look out for those in coming weeks but I thought let’s start with them! Happy Anniversary you two!


Jen reached out to me about 3 months before her October wedding to help find a few remaining vendors and pull their budget, planning and vision together. They had many of the fundamentals but needed the expertise to tie it all together.

A few unique elements to their wedding was the request to serve an all Vegan Meal to the guests and the bride needing a make up artist that worked with cruelty free products only. (such a wonderful thing to look out for btw) The Catering they had already secured but we were able to use our resources to find the perfect match for them in Becca Bussert, an Atlanta based Natural Makeup artist that used free beauty products! Jen spent countless hours decorating pieces for her wedding day from spraying leaves and pinecones gold and putting together photo collages to collecting miscellaneous glass jars for her centerpieces.

I particularly loved their three cake selection. Definitely had multiple cakes before that was a thing, you’re welcome Megan Markle.

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