Breaking down our favorite Spring Blooms

 With these recent Atlanta temperatures ALL OVER THE PLACE, you might have missed the memo, but it's officially Spring!  I love this season for so many reasons. It's the beginning of wedding birthday happens to fall in the Spring.... I find Easter magical.... and of course- flowers!! 

Some of my favorite flowers are blooming and begging to be seen in the most beautiful bouquets, boutonnieres and arrangements.  Here are my top 5 favorites!


1. Peony 

Okay, so I'm a bit cliche but it's an all-time favorite of brides (and mine) for a reason! Their different color varieties can be used in almost any color palette and their soft, full blooms are a beautiful addition to any bouquet. 

2. Ranunculus

This flower is like the rebellious, edgy cousin of the Peony. Super stylish with an edgy look that can really wow in an arrangement. 

3. Tulip 

You know spring has arrived when you start to see Tulips pop up in home gardens and grocery stores. I think tulips shine best on their own, keeping it clean and simple. 

4. Magnolia 

In the South there is no shortage of Magnolia's come spring. Brides are making a statement by carrying a single large Magnolia down the aisle for a true show stopper. You can't go wrong tying  this in with lush magnolia leafed garlands and a sweet southern cocktail! 

5. Sweet Pea

They're just fun! They add such whimsy to a bouquet or arrangement. This flower beats to the sound of its own drum and they smell amazing! 

So now you tell us... what are your favorite Spring flowers?