3 of our favorite trends for 2019

2019 is in full swing and while we are still waiting for our Wedding Season to pick up here at Like the Dazzling, there are new trends that are already popping up and you can expect to see them all over the place in the coming months. There are always a ton of new ideas trending each year but instead of listing them ALL out for you, we’re just going to share with you the ones that we are most excited about.

OH BUT WAIT. Before we break that down, here’s a little PSA:

For an industry that is constantly evolving, it can be difficult to keep up with trend … SO DON’T. Let’s SET trends. We love couples that are willing to think outside of the box, go their own way and personalize their wedding experience for their guests.

Okay, we just had to mention that … here goes!


Yup, we’re obsessed. In previous years, Farm Tables have risen in popularity and while we still love that look as well, we are so excited to see more Luxury Linens edging their way in. Such a great way to make a statement.

Savan Photography

Savan Photography


Yes, moms have been wearing corsages on their wrists for some time but we’re talking floral pocket squares, necklaces, bracelets and anklets. The artistry of these florists is AMAZING and such a fun way to step outside the box on your wedding day.

Amanda Dumouchelle

Amanda Dumouchelle


From attire (thanks Megan Markle) to Invitations, we are starting to see brides go for a more minimal look and hey, we really don’t mind. You’ll see more brides reverting back to a timeless, classic and yes even simplified look for their wedding attire. Y’all, simple is not a bad thing. We think more brides will focus on incorporating those eye catching, wow-worthy details among the simplicity and we’re huge fans.

Invitations and paper goods we see going one of two ways and nothing in between….

  • Over the top with illustrations and eye catching details


  • Minimalistic with Bold Fonts and Modern Typography

    Which do you prefer?

Abby Waller Photography

Abby Waller Photography

So that’s it! Short and Sweet. Again, we’ll be seeing so many trendy things hitting this year such as the color Coral (thanks to the Pantone color of the year), copper (goodbye mercury glass), statement cakes (naked cakes are a thing of the pasts), and SO MANY MORE but we wanted to hit you with what makes us all giddy inside :)

Stay Tuned as we’ll also soon be sharing trends that we are ready to say goodbye to this year as we make room for fresh, new designs.