See What's Blooming on Pinterest


Anyone else out there Pinterest obsessed? I find myself ....'pinteresting' if you will, while laying in bed at night or just at random lulls in my day. Pinterest is such an amazing source of inspiration and a wealth of information for me for not just wedding related content but business, fashion, recipes and what I've been pinning about today: Gardening and the Outdoors! With the past week being so unseasonably warm here in Atlanta, I mean come on: It was 73 degrees here just this week! I have serious spring fever. Sincerest apologies to the folks that have had massive amounts of snow as of lately, unless of course you are into that kind of weather. So with the forecast  here turning back to cooler temperatures over the weekend and next week, I am hanging onto hope of an early spring. Thank you Groundhog Phil. With that, I am looking forward to doing some planting in my backyard this spring and thanks to Pinterest's plethora of knowledge, I've been learning about companion planting, when to transplant indoor seeds outside and how to keep those pesky bugs away. Now, I just need my wonderful fiancé to get on board and help me build trellis' and oh... clear some space in the backyard for a vegetable garden bed! ;) That is key. I will keep you all updated on that as spring draws closer.

With all of that in mind, I want to share with you one of my boards: Garden Party  Inspiration. (take a peak by following the link)

This board has a collection of my favorite pins that I've come across that would be wonderful inspiration for an outdoor garden themed wedding. Pins for both an intimate, more casual backyard soiree to your more grandiose atmosphere. Equally as beautiful and both inspired by beautiful blooms, romantic lighting and eclectic, unique touches!

When designing your own wedding, remember to make it your own! Pinterest again, is such a great collection of inspiring ideas but  make it your day, your story and you can't go wrong!