Bridal Ball

Back in September I signed on to be a vendor at the January, Bridal Ball Atlanta show at the Marriott in Buckhead. I finally made the decision to do so after months of just talking about it. Once I sent the deposit in, I was excited and honestly thankful for having  finalized that decision as it really gave me that extra push I needed to make preparations. I went into the show with an 'if a book some clients, great!' attitude but also would have just been happy to make some networking connections. Just over two weeks later, I'm happy to say I've made great vendor contacts to add to my growing list of wonderful professionals in the Atlanta area and have been very busy meeting with potential clients.


I had such a fun time designing my booth, as well as a table for the pre-function inspiration room! (which I will share with you all on a later date)

My favorite part of my booth was the moss covered drawer of this pie crust table!

With the help of my dad, I made my own pipe and drape and lace curtains for the backdrop. My wonderful fiancé painted both my 'Like the Dazzling' and 'Planning and Coordination' signs because he is wonderful and a perfectionist when it comes to some things: in this case, straight lines!

Thank you to my mom who served as my assistant for one long day as well.