Let's talk Holiday Weddings!!


Let's talk holiday weddings! We all probably know someone that has been married on the ever popular Valentine's day or New Years, or someone that's simply chosen to forever remember their anniversary in correspondence with a holiday. Perhaps that holiday has a special meaning such as a meeting or first date, or perhaps they just actually need an excuse to remember the specific date. Hey, it's definitely a viable possibility.....

When reading other wedding blogs, I've seen time and time again on lists of things to consider when picking your wedding date to NOT get married on or around a major holiday. I have to say, I completely disagree. Aaaaand that's not just because Joe and I are marrying over Memorial Day weekend   ;)

And here are a few reasons why:

  1. Yes, it helps to remember friends or families anniversaries. You'll never forget that your cousin was married on the Fourth of July.
  2. Many holidays are coupled with days off from corporate jobs (not wedding planning of course) which means more flexibility to travel for out of town guests
    1. more time spent with loved ones
    2. -or- more time for recovery post wedding
    3. as the couple getting married, you may have a long weekend to celebrate your anniversary year after year
    4. as the couple getting married, this may mean more time for pre-wedding planning and honeymoon

3. Themed decor. enough said

Some important things to think about if you do choose to marry over a holiday:

  1. Your decline rate could potentially be higher than normal depending upon the specific holiday: Christmas for example. Attending a wedding during the christmas holiday could mean missing out on family tradition and other holiday obligations.
  2. Holidays are often expensive for travel

This is obviously a personal decision as Joe and I attended two weddings between christmas and new years in two different states and were elated to be able to attend both events over what is already such a fun and beautiful time of year. It made it easier for us to get time off from work and was great to spend the holiday with so many family and friends!!

I personally think that a couple has every prerogative to marry any day that they choose. Just weigh the options before sending in those deposits!

Halloween falls on a Saturday this year and while I do not have a wedding that weekend, I am excited to see what creative things lurk on that night for weddings. On that note, I hope you enjoy this Halloween photo taken a few years ago of myself and my sister when we took her husband trick or treating in Savannah, Ga.

And please share in the comments your opinions and thoughts on holiday weddings!