Falling Behind

I am incredibly behind in posting and if we're being honest, I was never that great at it to begin with. Lets make some modifications. Today marks the first day of Fall and with that marks a lot of changes; including cooler weather, leaves changing and falling, new television series, Football is in, Baseball will soon be out, and also with this new season: I am going to make more time to blog and share with you my thoughts on everything from wedding trends to DIY tips and you can even follow along with the planning of my own wedding!

I will leave you with a DIY project I completed some time ago that I never shared:

This old chest belonged to my father whom actually got it from my grandparents as a hope chest type deal (why my father had a hope chest is beyond me as a hope chest, also known as a dowry chest is a chest in which an unmarried young woman uses to collect items for their married life: think linens, and household items like china) anyway... here it is in its before state

photo 1  

This green was just bad and while the cedar color would have been useful for storing fabrics, etc. it just wasn't necessary for what I remember it being used for at my house growing up: a toy chest. After sitting unused for years, I offered to take it off my parents hands and after they've seen the finished product, I think may they want it back ;) sorry guys!

The first thing to change was the paint color. I went with an Eddie Bauer, Oxford Blue that I found at Home Depot. In addition to the paint, the hardware had been missing and opposed to the bar/handle type pull that was originally on the chest (as seen from the two drills holes in the above photo) I chose to fill in the holes with a wood putty and drill anew for a more modern, silver knob. Now the drawer can actually be opened! (note: when I say 'I', what I mean is myself and my incredibly smart, engineer fiancé and myself) 

photo 5IMG_2400

Now that very well could have been the end of this project and in my opinion a huge improvement from a mere asthetic perspective but what I really needed and wanted to do with this was create a filing system for our home office!


I picked out this shelf liner from Home Depot as well and while I am generally more partial to Lowe's when it comes to any kind of project, Home Depot was closer to where we were living at the time and their selection was much extensive. While I couldn't find this particular one on the website: you can find a similar item here.


After lining the inside, and adding a white paint to the finish off the inside lid, we had to replace the broken hinges on either side (these particular ones lock to stay open) and purchase a file frame and folders from our local Office Depot. Now, we have a basket at the end of our file system to store notebooks and items that are pulled frequently at any given time. In the drawer beneath we keep office supplies, like stationary, extra printer paper, etc.


  • These photos were taken before we moved into our house so we hadn't switched all our files over but it is now full to the brim! It's especially great because while it helps keep everything neat and organized, it closes off and serves as a beautiful piece of office furniture as well! I will try to post a more recent picture in a future post so you can see it in it's current glory!

Hope you enjoy this and can find inspiration for your next DIY furniture makeover!