Sweet Sweet 16


The baby of the family turned 16 yesterday! Being 9 1/2 years older than my sister Sophie, I've enjoyed watching her grow into a beautiful, mature young woman over the years. She's an amazing horseback rider, friend and sister. If my grandmother were still alive today, she'd certainly tell her on her 16th birthday, as she did on all our birthdays "don't go changing".So don't go changing Sophie :) I love you.

Now, let's talk about the party! My mother chose a lime green, black and purple color scheme- which turned out beautiful! We decided to have a family and friends backyard gathering complete with Mexican fare, a scavenger hunt for the teenagers, and lots of tasty desserts!

I wish I had captured more photos from the night, especially with all our loved ones- I was just having too much fun socializing!! I did however take a few photos of some of the decor. One thing we did that was so neat, that I didn't capture was line the driveway with clear balloons filled with glow sticks, and we put led lighted balloons throughout the neighborhood that gave a really cool effect during the scavenger hunt! a fun tip is to tie a golf tee to the end of balloons to anchor them down to the ground! ;)