delightful inspiration


inspiration. It can come from just about anywhere. Sometimes we have to search for it and sometimes we get surprised by it as if it were the one searching for us. And just sometimes- inspiration has been there all along, engrained in you. My grandmother must have used the expression 'Love you like the dazzling' a million times in her life here on earth. A love that is like the dazzling is the greatest of love. I wish to share with you tips, tricks and wisdom to share this love and make it your own.  My love for event design, planning and coordinating has always been present, but it wasn't until I graduated College and began a career working and traveling on privately owned motor yachts that I knew it was how I wanted to spend my days, nights and yes, weekends. I had the pleasure of exploring many places throughout the Caribbean and Mediterranean, taking bits and pieces of inspiration from each to share with you! Undoubtably, my future posts will be strewn with these aspects to showcase not only my experience, but to provide you with inspiration for your next event!