Haley & Scott, The Trolley Barn

There are so many things that I adore about Haley and Scott's wedding day. They not only are two of the coolest people that I've met, their friends and family are equally as kind, easy going and fun! When a groomsmen tells you as the Coordinator, 'Hey, you're the boss- we'll do what you say', you know it's going to be a great night!! 

When Haley hired me to take on her wedding design and coordination, I was so excited to begin the process of creating the wedding she and Scott envisioned! With dreams of lush greenery, candlelight and a beautiful neutral and marsala wedding palette below is what came to life! For more gorgeous photos of the entire day, visit Eve Yarbrough's Blog post here

Photography: Eve Yarbrough

DJ: JoJo, Nice Guys Entertainment 

Catering: Simply Catering 

Guitarist: Nice Guys Entertainment

Planning, Design & Floral: Like the Dazzling

Bride's Gown:

Officiant: Carol Karuna


Hand Lettering by Ms Peach Plus Designs

Hand Lettering by Ms Peach Plus Designs

Scott built their arbor! 

Scott built their arbor! 


Lauren & Connor, Historic Rice Mill- Charleston, South Carolina

Lauren and Connor's wedding day was one filled with so much love and laughter. From the touching moments of their first look and tearful ceremony to the hilarious realization that Lauren's brother was accidentally wearing his fathers suit and Oh! if you could have only been there for the Best Man's speech as we all relived the moments of Lauren and Connor's first meeting, you'd certainly be in stitches like the rest of us! 

The details themselves were as sweet and special as the unspoken moments. Lauren's Grandmother made their cake (that she flew on an airplane and reassembled mind you) and Lauren carried a handkerchief that's been in the family for over a century! Every detail carefully thought out from the quintessential Charleston grass woven boutonnieres to the bridesmaids dresses designed by a local Charleston designer, coupled with the undeniable love and admiration that Lauren and Connor share made this a wedding for the books! All beautifully captured memories to last a lifetime by Laura Watson Photography. Keep scrolling for some of my favorites 

Wedding Planning & Coordination: Hannah of Like the Dazzling

Venue: Historic Rice Mill of Charleston

Floral Design: Creech’s Florist

Cake: Jacquelyn, Grandmother of the bride

Band: The Vistas 

Hair & Make Up: Pink Dot Beauty Bar

Bridal Gown: Fabulous Frocks of Atlanta

Bridesmaids Dresses: Lula Kate

Groomsmen: The Black Tux

Catering: Good Food Catering

Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas


Lauren and Connor Wedding
Lauren and Connor Wedding
Hannah Sabolik Favorites-0012.jpg
Hannah Sabolik Favorites-0018.jpg
Hannah Sabolik Favorites-0020.jpg
Hannah Sabolik Favorites-0022.jpg
Hannah Sabolik Favorites-0028.jpg
Hannah Sabolik Favorites-0039.jpg

Choosing your Bridal Accessories

wedding accessories

Because we believe that the smallest of details can make a difference in every wedding, we're sharing with you some advice and inspiration on the many options of bridal accessories. We know that it can be overwhelming but trust us, you won't want to skip them all together! For the purpose of this post, we'll be talking about your veil, hair accessories and of course, shoes! 

Why do you need them? 

Perhaps you're not one to wear accessories on a daily basis or think they're an unnecessary addition.... Bridal accessories can do anything from allow you to stand by tradition to add in a spark of interest or extra flare to the theme of the wedding day. Take the veil for instance. Traditionally a veil is worn to portray a bride's purity. While we may be seeing less brides sticking to the traditional values of wedding symbolism, many are opting for accessories that add an aesthetic value and thats perfectly fine! At the end of the day it of course comes down to you and what makes you feel most comfortable and special.

Let's start with the Veil...

Jonathan Hare Photography

Jonathan Hare Photography

As stated briefly above, not all brides opt to wear a veil. While it's certainly a personal choice, we thought we'd take this time to let you know that there are tons of different veil options. We found the following graphic via www.bridestory.com






When choosing your veil, take some time to think about...

How long will you be wearing it? If you plan to wear your veil into the reception, think about how active you'd like to be and whether your veil will prevent you from doing so?

Your Hair. If you'll be taking your veil off and not changing hair do's from ceremony to reception, consider a veil that attaches to a headpiece so as to not ruin your do. Bonus: you also have a pretty hairpiece still in place post veil! 

Your Dress- You'll want to pick a veil that compliments your dress, not overpowers it. For that gorgeous cut out or low back, consider a sheer veil to not take away from those elements. 

Your Venue- As many things in wedding design, the venue often sets the tone for the theme and feel of the wedding. Take into account the type of venue you're marrying at and all the factors that could lead to your veil choice!  






Hair Accessories

Flower crowns, combs, headbands, fascinators , hair pins and clips! There are so many gorgeous options that can add that touch of interest to your look. Just as your veil, consider the venue you're marrying at, your dress style and how you'll wear your hair. For an outdoor garden wedding, a flower crown with an up do or loose curls would add a touch of whimsy to your look. Perhaps you're marrying at a castle...consider a tiara to complete your affair fit for a princess. The right comb or headband can also add that wow factor to any wedding. See some inspiration below:



You can't see them under your dress so why wear pretty shoes right? WRONG! Let's just take a look at the following pictures and see why shoes can make a huge impact on your wedding photos. Besides, you can always bring a comfy pair to change into or ditch the shoes altogether for dancing! 


Sarah Bush Designs

Sarah Bush Designs

Hopefully you can see that if nothing else, accessories make from some really wonderful photos!

 And while we said we weren't going to cover jewelry in this post to further drive our point that ACCESSORIES MATTER... we leave you with the following photos.

Why I Haze Myself

When we think about the word Haze in its verb form, it often has negative connotations associated with it. Hazing is often ritual in college fraternities, athletics and to new or potential recruits in the military.  My oldest brother would always refer to going for a run or working out as 'hazing himself'. My brother Joshua enlisted in the United States Marine Corps shortly after the attacks on 9-11. 

I had the pleasure of seeing him graduate from boot camp at Parris Island and hear his anecdotes about his own experiences of being hazed, I was there in San Diego to greet him when he came off his plane from his deployment to Iraq and I was there the day he took his own life. 

Since his death, my family has started a non-profit organization called Veteran Jam that raises awareness of the sacrifices and struggle of our Veterans (the JAM coming from my brothers initials, Joshua Alexander McArdle) If you've met me personally, you may have noticed it tattooed on my left wrist.

Since my brothers death, we've also met so many incredible individuals who know and can relate to what my brother went through, as well as my family in his time of need as well as in his loss. Our only wish is that we met them sooner. 

One of those groups are the Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA). SDIA is a national non-profit organization that exists to engage, assist and empower the men & women who make up our nation’s military, law enforcement, fire & rescue, and EMS professions – society’s protectors, our “Sheep Dogs.” SDIA provides continued service opportunities and outdoor adventures which offer physical challenges and the camaraderie that is often missing after a shift or tour of duty ends.

While I cannot be a sheep dog myself, as I have not served in the military or a first responder profession, I do believe in what they stand for and am honored to know some of these incredible men and women. One of their yearly adventures is a Super Spartan Race in Black Mountain, NC. This race truly tests your perseverance, endurance and grit over 8-11 miles of mountain terrain and an abundance of crazy obstacles. 

This year was my third race with the Sheep Dog Impact Assistance WNC Chapter. Each year, they bring Sheep Dogs together from various parts of the country to participate in this race. Competing alongside Single and Double Amputees and Men and Women with Traumatic Brain Injuries and other 'invisible wounds' really puts things into perspective. These individuals are truly some of the most amazing people I've had the pleasure of meeting. 

I run this race each year for these men and women and for my brother Joshua. He'd have loved this group of people as my family does. For him, I haze myself. He'd have loved to see his sisters wading through mud, carrying sandbags up mountains and conquering their fear of heights (if only for one day). He'd have loved to of seen us through this course in body as I know he does each year in spirit. 

I encourage you all to find something that you are passionate about beyond your career or business. If it's Veterans and you'd like to chat more about SDIA or Learn more about Veteran Jam, please visit www.sheepdogia.org or www.veteranjam.org or by all means, send me a message :) 

Sangria is my favorite fruit

This white sangria recipe is the perfect no fuss summer cocktail. It's light, refreshing and only 4 ingredients! 

When planning my own wedding, my husband and I knew we wanted to treat our guests to a cocktail before the ceremony. Yes, you read that correctly, BEFORE. We got married at the top of a mountain and opted to bus our guests from our blocked hotel accommodation to the venue. With our ceremony being outside in the latter part of May, we definitely wanted our guests to be comfortable in the heat, as well as feel welcome as soon as they arrived to what felt like our own private mountain. So we decided we'd greet them with a refreshing cocktail to start the party off right! 

Before this, I didn't really drink white sangria, I didn't know any recipes for it and definitely preferred the red variety. Of course we were afraid of Red Wine and its staining abilities so naturally opted for white sangria. You're welcome everyone. 

My Dad built this sangria bar specifically for my wedding day because he's super handy and just plain amazing. I had an idea and my dad brought it to vision better than I had even envisioned. Thanks Dad! 

My Dad built this sangria bar specifically for my wedding day because he's super handy and just plain amazing. I had an idea and my dad brought it to vision better than I had even envisioned. Thanks Dad! 

Ask me today and this is my go to recipe. We make it for friends and family when they visit, in pitcher form for beach lounging and on the random weeknight cause we just really love it. 

This recipe was born on a weekend dedicated to finding 'THE RECIPE'. We bought a case of white wine, fresh fruits and a variety of mixers and between myself, my husband, my parents and siblings we took turns making pitchers of what we thought would taste good. They were ALL good. We tried strawberry sangria, mango, you name it. We settled on this recipe for its no fuss, ease of assembly and simple, refreshing taste. If you're looking for a fanciful, fruit salad filled sangria, try a google search because this is not it. If you're looking for a SUPER simple, delicious sangria you can literally make in 2 minutes, you can find the recipe below.  Enjoy :) 

What would this post be without a photo of my parents on the morning of my wedding picking fresh mint from the            stems? 

What would this post be without a photo of my parents on the morning of my wedding picking fresh mint from the            stems? 








Peach Nectar Frozen Margarita Recipe

Alright y'all, we're starting the week off strong with a delicious frozen margarita recipe! You made it through Monday and are well on your way through your Tuesday so let's celebrate! 

Staying true to Georgia roots, the hubby and I mixed up these Peachy Margaritas for a frozen, boozy concoction and they did not disappoint. note that, no, I am not drinking margaritas in the middle of the day .... (although I wish I were). 

While I'm sharing so you may replicate for your own Cinco de Mayo celebrations, these are a perfect treat for an everyday happy hour or Sunday Funday as well! 

This recipe will fill a blender yielding about 4 drinks and takes all of 2 minutes to make, talk about simple! So if you're looking for a tasty, last minute frozen margarita recipe try it out and of course, let us know what you think! 

4 ounces Tequila

2 1/2 cups peach nectar/juice

1 tablespoon lime juice

1/4 cup orange juice

2 cups ice


Add all ingredients into the blender. Blend. Pour and Enjoy! 

Feel free to add a salt rim or make your own flavored sugar rim using this tutorial

recipe source: fearlessdining.com



Lynnette & Greg, Urban Tree Cidery Reception

Remember that intimate ceremony we covered last week at Legacy Test Kitchen? This is the same sweet couple, Lynnette and Greg. I absolutely loved the concept behind their wedding plans-sharing their ceremony intimately with their closest family and friends and then opening the festivities to their larger circle for a celebration of their marriage. 

We had the best time touring breweries and this amazing cidery prior to them booking, especially since Lynnette and Greg are not beer drinkers themselves nor had they ever tasted cider! One of the many reasons why these two are so amazing! They wanted a party like atmosphere that was unique and allowed their guests to try something new and local to Atlanta, the city they both grew up in. 

I myself had never visited Urban Tree Cidery before our site visit but you can believe this brewery loving lady has been back many times since (aside from planning meetings of course). The atmosphere is great, the cider is tasty and the staff wonderful! From their hand picked and crafted Mr. and Mrs. Cocktails to their slideshow with ceremony photos allowing guests to feel like they were part of it all. This again was a wonderfully unique event curated to Lynnette and Greg's vision. Thank you to all the vendors who made this a remarkable event! 

Venue: Urban Tree Cidery

Catering: Proof of the Pudding

DJ: Amped Up Entertainment- John Carlton

Photography: Audrey Grace Photography, Laura Anne Watson Photography

Cake: Publix Bakery



Lynnette & Greg, Legacy Test Kitchen Ceremony

Lynnette and Greg reached out to me in January to help plan their two day wedding celebration. They'd have an intimate ceremony on Friday evening and a larger celebratory party on Saturday (to come in a later post). When their guest count for Friday came in around 30 people, I was excited to show them a venue I had visited months earlier acquired by Legacy Ventures that was simply perfect for their needs. Lynnette and Greg were set on the Legacy Test Kitchen from their initial visit as it was truly the ideal setting for their intimate ceremony and dinner.  

The evening was truly a beautiful event filled with incredible love and friendship. When we opened the floor for impromptu toasts during dinner, I'm not exaggerating when I say that half of their guests stood up and shared beautiful stories and words of love and support. There was so much personal thought that went into planning from their customized ceremony in which they mixed traditional and Jewish elements to Lynnette dazzling us all with her beautiful vocal talents. 

See all the vendors and some of my favorite photos from the evening below.

Lynnette and Greg Sharing their first look before guests began to arrive

Lynnette and Greg Sharing their first look before guests began to arrive

watching their guests arrive from above

watching their guests arrive from above

Mazel Tov! 

Mazel Tov! 

Venue: Legacy Test Kitchen 

Photography: Laura Anne Watson Photography & Audrey Grace Photography 

Floral: The Arrington Company

Catering: Legacy Ventures Catering 

Makeup: Megan Quintana Artistry 

Hair: Ashley Alexis

Dress: Fabulous Frocks of Atlanta

Jazz Pianist: Louis Heriveaux

Bassist: Mike Beshara 



Romantic Beauty and the Beast Editorial

Just as Belle saw beneath the Beast’s exterior and found a Prince, the heart and soul of this editorial lay within the many details.....



In my experience as a wedding planner, it's generally the planner or photographer that says "I have this great idea for a styled shoot, let's do this!" Spoiler Alert....not this time! 

When Natalie of Cake Envy reached out to me in January and told me she wanted to do a Beauty and the Beast Styled Shoot, I was flattered she'd asked me and so excited. My head immediately started filling with ideas to make this a modern and romantic Disney inspired editorial. 


                                       The color Palette incorporates both deep and light blues, gold and rich reds. 

                                       The color Palette incorporates both deep and light blues, gold and rich reds. 

 It wouldn't be a Beauty and the Beast Inspired editorial without heaps of lush roses. This gorgeous garland by A Wedding in Silk Floral Design incorporates Italian Ruscus, Eucalyptus, Sweet Olive, Buplurum and Roses.  

 It wouldn't be a Beauty and the Beast Inspired editorial without heaps of lush roses. This gorgeous garland by A Wedding in Silk Floral Design incorporates Italian Ruscus, Eucalyptus, Sweet Olive, Buplurum and Roses.  


One of the serious show stoppers for this shoot was the intricate vintage china and glassware by The Prissy Plate Company. Drawing off inspiration from the story, it was an obvious choice to include china pieces but this china seriously raises the bar!


                                       Valerie of The Prissy Plate Company even hand makes her own napkins! 

                                       Valerie of The Prissy Plate Company even hand makes her own napkins! 

                                                                          Marbled Cake by Cake Envy

                                                                          Marbled Cake by Cake Envy

Thank you again to all the incredible vendors that contributed to this shoot and a big hug to Barbara Covington for capturing this so beautifully! 

Venue: The Greystone Estate 

Photography: Barbara Covington Photography 

Florist: AWS Floral Design

Place Settings, Rentals: The Prissy Plate Company

Cake and Macaroons: Cake Envy

Calligraphy and Paper Designs: Ms Peach Plus Designs

Catering: Events by Dezine

Dress: Rent the Runway

Accessories: Anna Bellagio

Mens Ware; Tuxedo Warehouse



Breaking down our favorite Spring Blooms

 With these recent Atlanta temperatures ALL OVER THE PLACE, you might have missed the memo, but it's officially Spring!  I love this season for so many reasons. It's the beginning of wedding season.....my birthday happens to fall in the Spring.... I find Easter magical.... and of course- flowers!! 

Some of my favorite flowers are blooming and begging to be seen in the most beautiful bouquets, boutonnieres and arrangements.  Here are my top 5 favorites!


1. Peony 

Okay, so I'm a bit cliche but it's an all-time favorite of brides (and mine) for a reason! Their different color varieties can be used in almost any color palette and their soft, full blooms are a beautiful addition to any bouquet. 

2. Ranunculus

This flower is like the rebellious, edgy cousin of the Peony. Super stylish with an edgy look that can really wow in an arrangement. 

3. Tulip 

You know spring has arrived when you start to see Tulips pop up in home gardens and grocery stores. I think tulips shine best on their own, keeping it clean and simple. 

4. Magnolia 

In the South there is no shortage of Magnolia's come spring. Brides are making a statement by carrying a single large Magnolia down the aisle for a true show stopper. You can't go wrong tying  this in with lush magnolia leafed garlands and a sweet southern cocktail! 

5. Sweet Pea

They're just fun! They add such whimsy to a bouquet or arrangement. This flower beats to the sound of its own drum and they smell amazing! 

So now you tell us... what are your favorite Spring flowers? 

Jennifer & David, Roswell River Landing

From my very first meeting with Jennifer and David, I knew they'd be a joy to work with. They both have such an easygoing, genuine way about them that really made it a pleasure getting to know them and helping to guide them through their wedding planning and design.  It's no surprise that they would also have incredible friends and family! 

One of my favorite parts of the wedding day was just before the ceremony when David and his groomsmen prayed together in a tight circle. Come to find out after scrolling through photos, Jennifer and her maids were praying together almost at the exact same time as the men! The love that these friends share for one another was so easy to see throughout the evening in their heartfelt speeches, loving embraces and endless smiles.

So many incredible people same together to ensure their day was just as they had dreamed of from Jennifer's father building their arbor they married under to numerous wedding guests insistent upon staying to help clean up at the end of the evening!

Photography: Katie Coon Photography

Venue: Roswell River Landing 

Florist: Candler Park Flowers 

Design & Decor: Like the Dazzling 

Coordination: Like the Dazzling, Hannah & Kimberly 

Catering: Sara Arias

DJ: SiFi Entertainment 

Bridal Gown: Sweet Elegance Bridal 

Hair and Makeup: Formal Faces 

Cake: Publix Bakery

Thank you Jennifer and David for letting Like the Dazzling be a part of your beautiful union! 


You're Engaged!! Now what?

Congratulations! You're engaged and ready to start preparations for your BEST DAY EVER. 

Want to guess what the FIRST step to wedding planning should be? Before picking your venue, your date and gathering inspiration? 

If you said building you guest list, you're wrong (although close and you'll see why below). If you said building a budget, you win the metaphorical prize! Now, let's talk about how....

Step 1: Who will be helping fund the wedding expense? Sit down and have a conversation with your parents, fiancé's parents and anyone else you think may want to contribute. Also, decided what is within your means to contribute to your wedding. Have you been saving for some time? How will you save for it?

Step 2: Think about and write down what aspects are most important to you on your wedding day. Are you set on having a Band over a DJ? Is your fiancé insistent on a cigar roller? If your number one is a fantastic photographer, put that at the top of your list to ensure adequate funds are set aside to accommodate that. 

Step 3: Please don't rule out a wedding planner. You may look at your budget and think there's no way I can afford one. You may also be surprised when you can. Great wedding planners often are able to aid in saving you money based on their connections with trusted vendors and knowledge of the industry. Sure there are times where hiring a full service planner just doesn't make sense with certain budgets and the client's must haves but having somebody for wedding management (they're all called something different... day-of, week-of, we do Month-of...) is absolutely priceless! You've spent countless hours (250 on average) planning the details of your wedding. Hire a professional to tie up loose ends and ensure your day goes off without a hitch. The week before the wedding is often stressful with last minute things popping up and vendors with questions, save yourself the stress and hire a coordinator!

Step 4: Here is where you should begin that guest list. Not only will building your guest list help when searching for a venue to accommodate the guest count, but should also drive your budget in the right direction. With more guests come higher catering and bar costs.... more tables means more decor and more addresses means more stationary... see where I'm going with this? The easiest way to save is by reeling in your guest list. 

Step 5: Once you have that hard budget number, you may allocate it accordingly. As a general guideline, expect to pay around 45-50% on your venue, catering and bar costs. 

Photo and Video 12-15% 

Flowers/Decor 10% 

Entertainment 6%-10%

Stationary 3%

Wedding attire and Beauty 10%

Miscellaneous 2%

Cake 2%

Expect to pay about 10% if you have a designer and anywhere from $1200 and upwards for a wedding coordinator. 

Keep in mind, this is an estimation hence why we're over 100% on the high end-If you opt to have transportation, favors, etc. you'll have to build those elements into the budget as well. Have your wedding bands already been purchased? No. add those in. Also, keep step 2 in mind. Is that high end designer gown a non negotiable for you? If it is and puts you over budget, cut down on something that may not be as important to you. If you take, you must give somewhere else. 

Keep track of your spending by making an excel spreadsheet or document with each category and their line items (i.e. under Attire you'll have: dress, alterations, accessories, as well as for your groom), estimated cost, actual cost, additional services and fees, tips, etc. Using the auto sum function on excel you can add things as you go and track what remains. 

If this is overwhelming to you, let me tell you that budgeting and building that guest list (which go hand in hand) are two of the most stressful parts of wedding planning. We aid in budget building and allocation with our Full Service Planning and also offer 'in the know' sessions as an a la carte service for hard topics such as this! Let's meet over coffee and we'll share our in depth wisdom with you about budgeting and guest list building including where and how to save, awesome and affordable vendors and even how to ease the burn of cash flowing from your pockets! 


Sweet Woodland Themed Baby Shower

Just a few weeks ago my one of my sister's dearest friends Emily, my mom and myself threw my sister Seldon the sweetest baby shower. When finding inspiration for this theme, I of course turned to Pinterest and kept seeing lots of orange and grey and just really wasn't thrilled with what I saw. Don't get me wrong, I saw a ton of super cute ideas but I really wanted it to be feminine and softer since Seldon is having a baby girl. My feelings on Pinterest have been summed up on a previous post found here, but quickly again- Pinterest is so great for drawing inspiration but one of the things we strive for at Like the Dazzling is really making each event unique and truly personal. I think we hit the nail on the head with our feminine woodland shower personally but maybe my opinion is biased so you be the judge... 

sweet woodland owl centerpiece

sweet woodland owl centerpiece

Mom and I had the best time making these cute floral arrangements with gorgeous Anemone, Roses, ranunculus, Hypericum berries and Silver Dollar Eucalyptus. We added moss right from the backyard into the bottoms to give them each more of a natural, woodland feel. 

These little animals were just the metaphorical icing on top of each arrangement. So stinking' cute with their little heads popping out of each one! 

lettered wood rounds

lettered wood rounds

We used small handmade wood rounds for the Baby Girl on the mantle and also with each guests name for place cards. You'll see below one in the carousel below with Aunty Sug' written on it.... Thats me! :) 

The cake was inspired by something I found on Pinterest and the County Club did a beautiful job and took the design we chose for inspiration very literally so we can't take credit there. I did however find the original designer and they have the cutest cakes! Check out Petite Homemade

We chose a brunch instead of lunch because who doesn't like to brunch? I sure do! I actually have a Pinterest board called 'Ladies who brunch'.... you can check it out if you like here. We did a sweet and savory menu of french toast with pecans and raspberries, tomato broccoli and cheese quiche and a fresh fruit salad. 

Well, what do you think? Did we or did we not bring new life to the woodland theme? 

Venue: Country Club of Asheville

Design, Styling and Florals: Like the Dazzling 

Catering and Cake: Country club of Asheville

Sidenote: I need to start using that expensive camera I have instead of snapping photos on the trusty iPhone. 

Tien & Nathan's Downtown Asheville Wedding

I met Tien at a bridal show in Atlanta where herself and her now husband Nathan live. When she told me they were planning to have a destination wedding in Asheville, NC I knew the stars had aligned as asheville is my hometown and the most recent addition to our Like the Dazzling locations! Living in Atlanta myself, the planning process was excellent being able to meet with Tien and Nathan locally anytime we needed. As it turns out, Tien and Nathan live less than 3 miles from my husband and I as well. We've even bumped into them out and about at some of our favorite local spots. It's moments like these that make Atlanta feel so intimate and one of many reasons why I love living here.

Tien and Nathan chose the most beautiful time of year to marry in the mountains of North Carolina as the foliage is stellar and the weather mild. Of course, this past fall we all experienced higher than average temperatures in October! 


I apologize for the lack of photos here, I was having difficulties getting the others to sync on here unfortunately. I will be posting some of my favorites on Instagram and Facebook in the coming weeks so be sure to follow along and check out Sarah Whitmeyer's webpage to see more of her incredible work! 

Venue: On Broadway

Catering: Celine and Company

Cake: Publix Bakery

Photography: Whitmeyer Photography

DJ: Kent Scott, Bright Light DJ

Hair: Echo Perry, Mechanika Coiffure  

Makeup: Pop of Color, Elizabeth Hayward

Flowers: Stargazer Designs

Officiant: Rev. Jack Hinson

Planning & Coordination: Like the Dazzling Weddings, Hannah Sabolik, Kimberly McArdle




Everything you need to know about Save the Dates

Do I HAVE to send a Save the Date? 

While No, Save the Dates are not a necessity, they are a preferable, courteous way to say to all of your guests "hey, we're getting married and we'd really like for you to be there, so start planning!"  If you are getting married on a holiday weekend or having a destination wedding you should without a doubt send a Save the Date to ensure your guests have adequate time to plan for travel/accommodation and to just not make other plans over the 4th of July or their Labor Day weekend. If they don't know they're invited to the wedding until a few months before the wedding, you can't necessarily blame them for not being able to afford flights because they're too expensive or maybe they decided to travel over that long weekend already. So basically, yes ... SEND THE SAVE THE DATE! 

Who do I send them to?

A Save the Date should be sent to every guest whom will be extended an invitation to the main event.

Guests over the age of 18 who are still living at home should be sent a separate save the date. 

How do I address them? 

Be as clear as possible on Save the Dates and Invitations. If you're allowing a friend a plus one, let them know when you send the Save the Date! (sidebar: try to find out their name before you send out the invitation as well) 

Save the Dates should be addressed with professional, full names and nicknames or Initials should not be used unless the envelope doesn't allow room. In that case, professional titles such as Dr., Rev. and Capt. can be used but keep guests full names. 

Write our abbreviations completely to account for Post Office Box, Lane, Southeast, Apartment, etc.

Mister and Misses however should be abbreviated as (Mr. , Mrs.) (sidebar: Ms. is used for single females over 18 and Miss if they are younger) 

Adding 'and family' can be confusing. Write out precisely who is invited to avoid an awkward conversation when RSVP's come back. 

Print return address on the back of the envelope but not names. 

What should be included on a Save the Date?

Basic information for a Save the Date should include....

 the date of the event

 location (state and city)  

personalized website addresses 

also it's great to add bride and groom names + 'invitation to follow' which my husband and I did not as you will see below. hahaha I guess we figured our names were on our website/the address so it wasn't necessary.

We gave that up for the format to look correct. You just do what you have to for the sake of 'the look' sometimes. 


Wedding Trends to look for in 2017 ..... and some you won't see

Planning a 2017 wedding? Take a look at these 'on the rise' wedding trends....


Greenery has been a huge trend that will continue into 2017, especially with Pantone's release of it's Color of the Year, Greenery! From lush loose florals, long garlands and backdrop walls, expect to see it used in new creative ways. 



Metallics. Rose Gold has been a big trend recently and while I think it will definitely stay on trend, expect more! Using metallics is a great way to give your wedding a more formal vibe while not going over the top. 


COLOR! While neutral color palettes have made a huge mark in wedding design from bridesmaids dresses to florals, I anticipate some bold colors coming into action this year in all forms. Bridesmaids dresses, flowers and accent colors for decor. Dare I say we may even see wedding dresses flaunting more color than in previous years....? 


Bye bye bouquet and garter toss! I've seen many couples opt out of the traditional garter toss and am even seeing more and more brides not throwing their bouquet! This traditional element is well on its way out.


Late night snacks will continue to be a huge bonus to weddings in 2017. What a great surprise for guests hours into drinking and dancing the night away!


Favors. Rarely do I see guests going home with favors anymore. Many a time, couples send money on things that just don't get used or often times even picked up at the end of the night, resulting in a waste of funds after already treating their guests to a great meal, wonderful entertainment and many an adult beverage. Some favors I think are fun and appreciated:

  personalized koozies will continue to decorate bars, keep drinks cold and hands warm 

late night snacks! These are essentially favors in themselves

edible favors such as cookies to go are a great way to say thank you to your guests while also providing them with a snack for their way home, yes please.  Consider getting them personalized to add another fun detail to your wedding day. 





2016 in review

"You can't get there by bus, only by hardwork and risk and by not quite knowing what you're doing. What you'll discover will be wonderful. What you'll discover will be yourself." -Alan Alda

What a spectacular quote to come back to throughout a year that I anticipate to be full of growth, courage, Inspiration, friendship and love. 

When I sat down to goal plan for 2017, I first wanted to first reflect on 2016 and the things I am proud of.

I am proud of myself for realizing and sticking to my worth. As an entrepanuer, it is often easy to get wrapped up in revenue or the number of clients served. 

I am happy to have met some amazing entrepaneurs who lift me up and believe in me. 

I planned 2 Destination Weddings this year and have already booked one for 2017, Yay! Traveling is something I want to continue to do in both business and personal life. 

I am proud of myself for finally accepting that I can't do it all on my own. Having hired assistants for day-of has truly enabled me to better serve my clients and keep my mental health in check! I am but one person. Thank you ladies! 

Overall, 2016 was an incredible year of growth for Like the Dazzling Weddings (now known as Like the Dazzling L.L.C) and for myself personally as an Entrepreneur. As I reflect back on the year, I feel joy for what was accomplished and also excitement in the things that I learned and the knowledge and improvements I can take with me for 2017 and beyond! 

2017 is shaping up to be a busy and beautiful year. I am SO excited about my 2017 clients and weddings at beautiful venues such as the Trolley Barn here in Atlanta, The beautiful Historic Rice Mill in Charleston, SC, The Historic Dekalb Courthouse and more! I will be participating in another bridal show in March which are always so fun and have some lofty personal and business goals set. 

2016 will always be a highlight year as it was after all, my first full year in business here in Atlanta, I married my high school sweetheart and best friend, my sister and her husband announced they're going to be parents, we successfully orchestrated the largest 5K for the Veteran Jam.... and the list goes on!! Here's to new opportunities, goals and a year filled with growth, love and friendship! Cheers y'all! 

A Beautiful Cross-Cultural Wedding


September 10, 2016

Leia and Jibran had one of the most beautiful wedding ceremonies I've ever witnessed. ever. They did a wonderful job of weaving together Pakistani wedding customs with the traditions of an American wedding.  In addition to their Saturday Ceremony/Nikkah and Reception they celebrated their union in the days leading up with a Mehndi Ceremony as well as a Pithi Ceremony.

Venue: The Georgian Terrace Hotel

Photography: Viridian Images Photography

Videographer: Eric, Nice Entertainment

DJ: Hans, Nice Entertainment

Florals: Tina Dockery

Ceremony Musicians: Perfect Harmony String Ensemble

Cake: The Frosted Pumpkin

Coordination: Hannah Sabolik & Kimberly Vinings, Like the Dazzling Weddings

It was truly a joy witnessing not only the love that Leia and Jibran have for one another but the love and support from their friends and family as well. Kimberly and I had a blast coordinating this stunning, Georgian Terrace Wedding captured by the talented Viridian Images Team, Lisette and Orlando. Enjoy!


How sweet is this photo of the girls celebrating pre ceremony! 

How sweet is this photo of the girls celebrating pre ceremony! 

Leia and Jibran share such a special 'First Look'

Leia and Jibran share such a special 'First Look'

I love the excitement here captured directly after the ceremony

I love the excitement here captured directly after the ceremony


Seriously, all these guys looked like they stepped out of a GQ magazine


Naples, Florida Wedding

Naples, Florida is well known as an upscale residential enclave with sophisticated dining, beautiful beaches, high-end shopping and of course many beautiful golf developments and courses. Charlene and Rob chose to have their wedding celebration at the beautiful Bay Colony Golf Club. While the weather in Florida can be quite unpredictable with storms rolling in from seemingly nowhere, the weather thankfully cooperated through the ceremony and cocktail hour and then produced the most beautiful lightening storm while the guests stayed dry enjoying their dinner and dancing indoors.

Wedding Photographer, Jonathan Hare did an amazing job capturing the beauty of the Club and undeniable love that Rob and Charlene share.  Take a look for yourself...



Venue: Bay Colony Golf Club

Photography: Jonathan Hare Photography

Cake: Publix

Florist: Naples Floral Design

Wedding Coordination: Like the Dazzling Weddings, Hannah

Love with a View

  Joe and I only had to visit two venues in Asheville before we chose the one in which we wanted to have our celebration. After visiting The Lodge in Grand Highlands at Bearwallow Mountain, we were sold. The views are breathtaking, the atmosphere private and it's just what we wanted: an intimate lodge feel where we get the best of both the indoors and out. The best part for me, a wedding planner so excited to plan my own wedding was that the lodge is just venue so I got to handpick all my own vendors! I personally think I did a pretty great job. Our guests still rave about our unique menu,amazingly fun band, gorgeous photos, and the absolutely breathtaking views!

Below is a collage of some of my favorites from the day. Thank you Matthew Pautz Photography for capturing our families, friends and love in the most perfect way!



Photography: Matthew Pautz Photography

Flowers: The Bloom Room

Catering: Caroline Allured

Videography: Indigo Photography and Video

Design and Planning: Like the Dazzling Weddings

Linens: Connie Duglin

Rentals: Classic Event Rental

Ceremony Musicians: Lauren and Lane

Band: The Threshold

Venue: The Lodge in Grand Highlands, Bearwallow Mountain

Coordination: Amanda Greene, Cordial and Craft